How do several developers collaborate effectively on a single issue in the GitLab board?


We use the free version of a self hosted GitLab at my work. We recently started using JIRA for our agile board and issue management since we had difficulties collaborating in the GitLab board. We did try the ultimate trial before this.

Our problem is with collaboration between developers on a single issue in the board. In JIRA and other digital agile boards there is sometimes the possibility to create “sub-tasks” and show them in a “swim lane”. These sub-tasks can then move in different states such as “to do”, “in development”, “in review”, “done”. The sub-tasks can also have an assignee thus clearly indicating who is working on what.

In GitLab you only have the ability to create check lists and with a little text editing write task descriptions, assignees, statuses etc. next to the checkboxes. This is however far from optimal, at least for us.

Is there a better way to collaborate in the GitLab board? How does other companies use it? Does GitLab have any plans to extend the “collaboration possibilities” per issue in the board?

Thank you for your time.