How to create project access tokens in gitlab?

I do not find where to create a project access token in gitlab.

I tried to follow the instructions here: Project access tokens | GitLab, but I do not find the settings > Access Tokens menu.

Am I missing something ? I precise that I am the owner of the repo…

Settings → Repository → Deploy Tokens

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What version of GitLab do you have? The project tokens is [ Settings > Access Tokens]. Was introduced in version 13 apparently. (link)

There’s also the deploy token is [Settings > Repository > Deploy Tokens).

Types of tokens.

@sirmuttonchop I was looking at, seems only there is Deploy Tokens. However, I checked my own CE instance, and have both options. So yeah I guess it depends which version and whether your own install or SaaS.

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Well I use SaaS. So that’s why I don’t see it… Unfortunately deploy tokens do not suit what I need (autofixies with pre-commit hooks).

There are Project Access Tokens and Group Access Tokens on as well, but only for Paid subs :slight_smile:

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