Project access token creation disappear

I try to git clone my_project, but it need password.
So I follow the document to Enable project access token creation.

  1. Under Permissions, turn on or off Allow project and group access token creation.

I can’t find the Allow project and group access token creation on gitlab, even comand Ctrl + f

here is the purpose that I want to git clone with token or self-hosted instance? Free or paid subscription? and Free

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Project/Group Access tokens are available only on Paid tiers on

Are Project/Group Access tokens available for self-hosted instance?
Not the
It is like 10.x.x.x/

Yes, Project/Group Access tokens are available in all tiers (Free and paid) for self-hosted instance.

If you are on self-hosted and cannot create any token, it was most likely forbidden by your GitLab administrators or you do not have permissions to do it. Either way, you need to reach out to your GitLab admins.

I try to use tortoisegit to git clone my group project and it show the sign in with gitlab.
And then I can git clone my project without token ( and Free).

Do you have the tourial (command) for login gitlab without tortoisegit ?


tortoisegit will install and use git credential manager, so now it should work even from command line (on the same PC).

Keep in mind that access tokens can easily be used at all available levels when it comes to your project or group, taking into account the installation we hosted ourselves. I also recommend that you use tortoisegit.