Is it possible to search in all code of all projects in GitLab Company deployment?

I’ve been asking this question to the IT of my company, but always with negative answers.

Is it possible to search for terms/code in all code repositories? e.g.

It would seem quite basic feature to me, but it seems that they cannot find it. Do we know if it exists? I couldn’t find the documentation to enable it

Thank you!

Yes, there is advanced global search powered by Elastisearch:

You need to install and configure Elasticsearch:

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Hi Riccardo,

this is amazing! Do you know if this takes into consideration all of the ACLs/view permissions?

E.g. one project is not visible to somebody, hence, it should not be shown in the search results.

I don’t see it in the doc.

Thank you,

Hi Free,
of course, it honors the permission system :slight_smile:

It used to be a bit buggy when first introduced and it was still in beta, but nowadays they have fixed all security issues and the security team is top-notch.