How to unblock account with GitHub SSO

On regular I once chose “Sign in with GitHub” and created a new GitLab account (Blocked user · GitLab) from my GitHub account (divizend (Divizend) · GitHub).

For some reason, this account was now blocked, even though I never did anything with it. Because I signed in with GitHub, neither the regular password reset (GitLab) nor resending the confirmation email (GitLab) works, i.e. if I enter the email address connected to my GitHub account there, I just don’t receive anything.

What can I do to get my account unblocked?

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As per all the other hundreds of posts on this forum, we are only community members so cannot unblock your account. Only the Gitlab team can do that, so you may wish to ask them why they blocked your account by opening a support request:

Alternatively, and hopefully if the Gitlab team see your post here, they might be able to help out, but other than that, there isn’t much else that you can do other than wait for Gitlab team to help out.

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Thanks for the reply, I found myself in the same situation than @divizend and I didn’t find a way to reach the support request page. Your reply enlighted me on this.