I done goofed. Upgrading to Gitlab-ce 8.11-5 over Gitlab-ce 8.11-4, Hangs

System: Debian 8

Since gitlab always says “saved backup databse to ____ , check your logs to find the location” I decided to do
apt-get upgrade > gitlabupgrade.log

I let it sit for about 10 minutes then realized it probably isn’t going anywhere because it’s asking for me to input y. I tried to type y and enter and let it sit for another 5 minutes. Remembering it always took under a minute to install or upgrade I panicked and hit ctrl alt delete.

When it finished rebooting gitlab wouldnt start up. I did another apt-get update , and it said I need to manually run dpkg with some arguements because an upgrade was interrupted. I did that then did another apt-get update followed by apt-get upgrade. Accepted the gitlab upgrade, it backed up the database although took a very long time to.

Now it’s been stuck at "Unpacking gitlab-ce (8.11-5-ce.0) over (8.11-4-ce.0)… " for over 20 minutes. My machine’s cpu usage is maxed out.

What should I do now? I dont do regular gitlab database updates, I don’t want to lose my projects! :frowning:

How great is that, after posting it changed to Setting up gitlab-ce (8.11-5-ce.0) …

Is this length of time it took normal or is something horribly wrong with my machine… it’s been acting slow since yesterday.

Ugh I updated because I thought it would increase load times, but instead page load times have gotten 3 x slower :confused:

… one of my projects aren’t loading. How do I roll back?

EDIT regained access by accessing it through the GUI. still much slower than the previous version.

And mysteriously gitlab loads very snappy now. Slowdown must’ve been on my end. Thanks for the help guys… uh right.