I need help confirming a bug in gitlab-backup (since v16.6.0)

Hi all,

I have a self-managed Gitlab instance which recently updated to v16.6.0. This instance is synced daily on a secondary geolocation for disaster recovery purposes, using the native gitlab-backup tool.

My problem : since the update from 16.5.2 to 16.6.0 last week, the repositories are not restored. I get this message on the main page of any project :

No repository
The repository for this project does not exist.
This means you can not push code until you create an empty repository or import existing one.

Everything else seems to be correctly restored : db, registry, artifacts, packages. I strongly suspect the 16.6.0 update to be the cause, maybe related to this feature ? The logs generated by gitlab-backup are also different since the update, but I don’t see any errors in them.

What I would need from this community :
- has somebody encoutered the same problem ?
- what informations should I gather in order to open a workable ticket for the Gitlab Team ?

Thank you in advance for your help !


We have absolutely the same problem and can no longer restore backups of our 16.6.1-ee.

The problem is still there in 16.7.
I’ve investigated more, but never could get to the bottom of it. I also scoured the Issues Board but couldn’t find anything related. That was a few weeks ago.

Thank you for your answer, if anything I know now I’m not alone :slight_smile:

Problem seems to be resolved now, I haven’t had time to check which version brought the patch, but the subject is closed on my side.