If a DMCA take down occurs on GitHub

DMCA Listing


I think this is an important legal issue for the GitLab organization to consider since his so-called mirror of the locked repo on GitHub is hosted on GitLab.com. It’s a simple matter of including the original creator’s MIT license in the ‘stolen’ & rebranded repo. The person in question refuses to do so, won’t acknowledge the original creator, and is now threatening the creator with a lawsuit, suing for monetary damages. Moreover, he’s doing so publicly going as far as slandering the creator via the label “Copyright Troll” when it’s the person in violation of the MIT License who is said term as per the link to Wikipedia the violator has now included in the aforementioned slander.

Our DMCA policy can be reviewed here along with how to submit a complaint.

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The link’s appreciated; however I’ll have to relay it to https://github.com/crazy-max as he’s the content creator who is having Chef-Koch’s material taken down. I thought I’d ask here since I’m not on GitHub. I can ask the owner of FilterLists.com to give the information to Max so that he may submit his claim here as well.