Import_export incorrectly assigns importer as commenter when admin

I am using version 8.17.0

I have exported a repository from 8.17.0 and imported into a different 8.17.0 server. Some, but not all, of the users have issues where their notes, MR’s, etc. are all listed as Administrator, instead of the correct user.

This is a pretty major bug, and I proved it has nothing to do with users on the system, because I took the file and imported it back onto the original server (where all the users exist) under a different namespace and it did the exact same thing.


That’s very odd behavior unless the users have switched email addresses between the two system. I have seen this sort of thing migrating between SVN/CVS to git though.

There is a git clone -A authors.txt .... option which let’s you map users from one repo to another.

So if you use and want your commits to be assigned to you can use that feature to reassign them during the clone. You can look up the format and options on git’s documentation page.