Importing repositories from BitBucket suggest project name that is not valid for GitLab

I have been trying to import projects from BitBucket into GitLab but it is becoming a bit of a chore. The issue is the following:

  • The From bitbucket name contains dashes in the repository name
  • The To GitLab name it suggests contains spaces

When clicking the Import button without making any changes I get this error:

Importing the project failed: Path can contain only letters, digits, ‘_’, ‘-’ and ‘.’. Cannot start with ‘-’, end in ‘.git’ or end in ‘.atom’

This isn’t a show-stopper because I can just change the To GitLab name to replace the spaces with underscores or dashes, but it does impact the user experience :sweat_smile:

Should this issue be raised on the GitLab repo?

Yes it would be best to raise an issue for it so that the Gitlab devs can take a look and fix.