Impossible to buy extra storage

I am going around in circles trying to purchase 10GB extra storage. I log into the Customer Portal, Buy New Subscription Button, Add-ons Storage

This takes me back to the GitLab Docs.

Alternatively I go to, click on Usage Quotas. It says the Usage Breakdown is 8.6 GiB. There is no where to purchase more storage from there either…

I would suggest opening a ticket to get this issue resolved with the Gitlab team. This is a community forum, mostly Gitlab users, so we don’t have a way to fix that kind of system.

Ticket can be opened here, choosing the appropriate category:

It seems you have to have a paid support account. Funny, it was Gitlab who told me to come here!

I can’t believe it is this hard to buy storage!

You could send to the billing section, that doesn’t require a support contract especially if you cannot buy in the first place. Maybe the wrong category for your enquiry was chosen?

But yeah, I feel for your frustration.

Hi Ian

Maybe I am looking in the wrong place. Can you give me a link to where this billing option can be selected for support?

Many thanks for your help.


Ignore the last message. Just seen the link.

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