Lost paid storage space after starting Ultimate Trial

Problem to solve

Hello, I have been a free tier gitlab user for years. But the other day I started the Ultimate trial for evaluation and two issues occurred:

  1. We lost our paid storage on our repo. This has caused our repository to be stuck in a read-only state as we are above 10GB storage.
  2. We did not receive any Ultimate tier storage upgrades to our group.

I reached out to support but they denied my ticket since we’re not on a paid subscription plan (even though we pay for storage… and now we’ve lost what we paid for). This is a huge blocker for us, as it has halted progress on our repository.

Help would be greatly appreciated.

Steps to reproduce

From a free tier with paid-for extra storage, begin an Ultimate Trial.

@dnsmichi @gitlab-greg would you be able to get Gitlab Support to fix this problem, since nobody here on the forum can help with that. If they purchase storage from Gitlab, then Gitlab Support should not be denying the ticket.

Apparently support is only offered for paid subscriptions. I agree, paying anything should get you support, and certainly losing access to something you paid for. I guess I should try the issue tracker instead of here, though.

I received a follow up from another support, apparently my issue was that my paid storage lapsed and the extra storage was never removed due to a bug in their system. I never realized this, so I thought I was still a current paying customer for extra storage!

For reference:

The issue here is that the storage purchase you made in January of 2022 expired in January of 2023. However, due to a bug with the system, the storage was never removed as it should be from the namespace. So you’ve been receiving that storage since January of 2023 for no charge.

When you started the trial, that triggers our system to run a check or orders and purchases and sync them to the namespace. This is when the system noticed the storage was expired and properly removed it from the namespace. So it is accurate that you are locked at this moment because there is no actual storage purchase on the namespace at this time. This is also why you are not marked as a paid customer for support as well, as the subscription expired over a year ago.

Not sure why I didn’t receive additional storage from the Ultimate trial, but at least this clears up why my paid for storage was removed.

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Ok in case this confused anyone else:

  • Even with the higher advertised storage limits of the Premium and Ultimate subscription plans, there is still a 10gb storage limit per project after which you’d need to purchase additional storage (for that project). This is apparently a change in the works to migrate to “namespace storage” which replaces the per-project 10gb limit with just counting towards whatever your tier’s total storage limits are. See the statement at the top of this page
  • Also since there isn’t a lot of info online about this: There is a 100mb per-file push limit applied to Free tier. I’m not sure what (if any) limits there are for Premium or Ultimate, but I can confirm that during my Ultimate trial I could upload a single 200mb+ blob. (not to be confused with the total push limit of 5gb).
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