Install GitLab

Hello everyone!

Need some help in install GitLab on server.
I have debian 8 nginx proxy and beck end apache2. I installed Gitlab with debian script and can’t understand i create vhost in apache2 and it’s not working.
Can i use Gitlab without subdomain and domain.

Thank you


Yes, you can Install Gitlab under a relative URL. Please review this documentation:

Thank you.

My Gitlab installing in folder /opt/gitlab
Config file in /etc/gitlab/gitalb.rb

Is it right ways ? Becouse in link what you send i read that directory where gitlab instaled it’s /home/gitlab

What config need use for apache2 back end ?

With reference to the guide:

Before following the steps below to enable relative URL in GitLab, some assumptions are made:

  • GitLab is served under /gitlab
  • The directory under which GitLab is installed is /home/git/

/gitlab will change to the url path you want GitLab to be accessed with and /home/git will change to the location where your GitLab is installed.

Are you installing on a subdomain, directory on domain?

I haven’t domain I want to install GitLab on VirtualBox, but I use the script from the official site to install.
I have Nginx front-end and apache back-end my test site is working. I use for server_name IP address example

And want that Gitlab work from Nginx proxy on the apatche2 virtual host. But Gitalb want the only subdomain and don’t work with IP