Introduction: @katrinleinweber

:woman_technologist: Katrin. I work in GitLab’s amazing Support Engineering team. Mostly on 1:1 support via tickets, but I’ll jump into the forums now and then.

:partying_face: I spend my free time gardening, reading and :bike:-ing around the not-too-hilly countryside.

:books: & :headphones: : Anything that teaches something about the world: science(-fiction), history, technology, current events.


@katrinleinweber have you come across any particularly interesting (or particularly random) learnings you’d like to share? :smiley: I tend to collect lots of random bits of knowledge in my head – always on the search for more!

For example, @jayo shared this really cool video about How to Start a Movement that I am now trying to share with everyone else I know. Mostly because of the dancing guy video, which is so wonderful :slight_smile: (p.s. Thanks again for sharing that, Jason!)

I found “GitLab CI for developers: Practical Online Course” extremely valuable as an introduction to that topic.

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