Introduction: Rich Spiegel


I am a faculty instructor at Johns Hopkins Engineering for Professional’s Program. We are in the process of getting our gitlab for education license for use in a DevOps class that we will be offering online in the fall of 2021.

Hi @rfspiegel - Welcome to the GitLab for Education Program! We are happy to have you. Please post here if you have any questions.

We’d love to hear how the class goes this fall.

I’m curious if you’ve come across the Digital Practitioner Body of Knowledge™ Standard and if you’ve used it in developing your course?

Just getting started here with the installation. Thanks for the link to the Standard, I had not seen that before. Maybe you can answer some installation questions…

I see that for https installation you need to have a registered domain. Is there a way to install without the domain (aka using our own certificates)?

Yes you can use your own certificates. From what I remember on my installation:

  1. Create /etc/gitlab/ssl directory
  2. Place your certificates in here and rename them to the name of the host.domain. So for example, if we are using as the hostname and domain name for the system, then the certificate name is and the key

Of course, combine your certificate, CA, intermediate in the crt file - just like you would for Nginx when configuring with your SSL certs. Once you have in place, just run gitlab-ctl reconfigure and that’s it.