Issue list not showing on group level

Since two days I don’t see our issue list anymore on group level (it still shows on project level).
For this url:

It does show that we have issues.
Screen Shot 2022-02-18 at 13.49.10

But the page now just shows a general message instead of the list of issues

Is this a bug? Or is it maybe because of some setting?

We have multiple projects in our group. And this group level issue list was an extremely helpful overview of all our issues.

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We are facing the same problem in our group. We’ve also noticed it starting this week.

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+1 Display works like Board, but doesn’t work like List. This is critical for us.

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I found the problem.
If you don’t have any project with issues in the top level of your group you will not see the issues list.
In our case our projects were in subgroups of the group. The query that counts the number of issues for the group doesn’t check subgroups.

Quick ugly fix:

  • Create new project in top level of your group (only needed if you dont have a project in top level already)
  • Create an issue for this project in the top level
  • Now you should be able to see the issue list again for group level

I will send a bug report to gitlab so they can fix this in a nice way.


Thanks for providing a temp to fix to this problem. I can confirm that it worked out for us.

Also, would you mind sharing the issue created by the Gitlab team so we can follow it? That is, of course, if they create one in their issue tracker.

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