Lost my 2 factor code, and previous smartphone device


Sorry, I need urgent help

Since I didn’t use my gitlab account for a while

So, I was able to change my password, but then, I didn’t remember that I had enabled two factor authentication.

So my previous device was damaged, months ago, and seriously cannot find my back up code whatsoever

Any help for this situation?

I can’t access my repos, please

Thank You

Search the forum before posting please.

You should have your backup codes stored somewhere safe. As described here you can use one of the backup codes for MFA.

If you don’t have your backup codes, but you have SSH key setup for your account you can generate new set of backup codes as described here.

If you are on a paid plan you can contact GitLab support as @iwalker described above.

If none of the above applies your account is irrecoverable.

Thank You very much Peter

Will give those a try