Max Size Per Repo?


Just trying to weigh up my options for git hosting. Been using bitbucket and gitlab on and off like a distro hopper.
What I need to know is the max repo size for a free user + LFS storage. I am intending to use it for Unreal Engine projects.

I asked pretty much the same question over at BitBucket and I was told “In Bitbucket Cloud you have a limitation of 2GB per repo. If you enable LFS, you’ll get 1GB for your LFS files for free”

So how does Gitlab compare to that?

EDIT: According to this page… The max repo size on is 10GB. Does that include LFS?

Cheers all!


I’d like to know this too as I have an Android open source build I want to host on here. It’s around 5GB and almost 400,000 files.

I tried to git commit it but I get an error which leads me to believe there are too many files.


If you’re talking about the hosted solution, then yes, it’s 10 GB for repository, artifacts and LFS.

There is however an open issue with a feature proposal for users to purchase more storage: