Repository size limit of 5 GB hit on


I have hit the repository size limit of 5 GB. So apparently I have 5 GB of files.

I have found several posts, including two of gitlab, which says it should be 10:

However, it seems to have been reduced. What are my options? I have checked the bronze etc plans, but they don’t mention repository size.

One solution would be to reduce the repository size:


but I would rather keep everything as it is now. We are very near a release and I would rather not mess anything up / spend way too much time on it.

Or is this simply an error from Gitlab ?


So it depends on how you’re adding files and the like.

The project repository limit itself should be 10GB. However, as outlined in the docs you mentioned, there is an upload and git push limit of 5GB. So if it’s one big push that’s more than 5 GB, we suggest breaking it up.

Okay, I have found the actual problem: I thought I hit the repository limit, but when re-starting my MR, this message showed up.

Still a problem, but not this one, so I will close this.