Merge forks without merge request

I have multiple forks of my repositories. I would like to merge between them on demand, but I would like to avoid merge requests. Is it somehow possible to say, “just merge this fork into original repo”?

I’ve migrated from bitbucket. There was a button compare and after comparison I could merge the fork into original repo. It worked great.

Merge request is too much work and there would be unnecessary records of the request.

So can it be somehow avoided?
If gitlab doesn’t offer such feature, how could I ask for it? Thanks

Hi @mariusrak :wave:

I don’t think you’ll be able to achieve what you want to do from the UI, GitLab is built with MR in mind basically :sweat_smile:

What you can do though, is to merge locally on your environment then push to the original repo :slightly_smiling_face: