Merge Request nav unresponsive


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I recently noticed that merge requests have become slow/unresponsive. So far, I only notice this for large MRs. That said, the MR I am currently struggling with has (only) 65 files with +4847 -4630 changes.

By slow/unresponsive, mostly i mean, when i have the the diffs open (e.g., clicking on a code file causes the browser to hang. See attached screenshot.

With this MR, it is so bad that I cannot review the code. If I am lucky, the file I click on will open. But further scrolling, or attempting to add a comment again result in the page hanging.

Using Chrome Task Manager, when i click on a file, i can see the CPU for the tab going to 100+. The memory footprint remains stable. When I open a smaller MR, and cliik around the files, the CPU is fine (i.e. max 10.0)

Any ideas?