Most recently blocked user?

Within the last two days, the number of active users on our GitLab-EE installation has dropped from 147 to 145. As one of the guys in my department stopped, a drop of one is expected, and it’s quite possible that the other drop is caused by someone in another department stopping, but it could also be caused by an error in one of my scripts for administration.

On the admin area dashboard I can easily see the most recent users created, so I have an easy way to see what has happened (and verify that it makes sense) when the count goes up, but is there a way to see who was recently blocked so I can verify that my administration scripts only does what makes sense?

It’s not the most accurate solution but on the admin dashboard, go to

Overview > Users > Blocked

It has a Last activity column which you can sort by. I know this isn’t necessarily the date the user was blocked but this would be close enough for you to know which user was recently blocked.