Never recive confirm mail

I have registered in about 2 days ago, but confirm email don’t come. Registered mail

Have you checked your spam/junk folder? Is SMTP set up on the gitlab instance?

Yes, i’ve checked it.


I have the same problem on
Now it is impossble to connect to my account with the message : You have to confirm your email address before continuing.
But i never receive the email. (My account : You have to confirm your email address before continuing.
My account : [REDACTED]



Hi @payalba, welcome to our community forum! I am a forum admin and have removed your email address from the post you shared above. This is an effort to protect your anonymity. :slight_smile:

I have, however, passed your email address along to our support team in order to see why you haven’t received that email. (GitLab staff will still be able to see your email address in order to troubleshoot asap) Hang tight while we look into it for you!

@payalba: After some research and help from others, the best thing at this point would be to write in a support ticket by following these instructions.

The experts on this matter can help you directly, and once you are all sorted, please come back and update us on how you solved for this. Thanks!