New commit notifications not working - Bug or a missing feature?


I wonder is someone would be able to shed some light on the on the issue I’m having with the GitLab’s Notification feature. From what I understand once I set notification to “Watch” I should be receiving notification for any activity regarding the relevant repository. My current settings:

However, given the above settings I do not receive any notifications at all nor does any any other members of any repository. It is clear that I missing something. Is there any other setting I’m not aware of that would enable an email commit notifications?

thank you

Hi @Lubos, I’m having the same problem. Did you manage to find a solution?


Similar - if not the same - issue;

Hi @emconsta,

No I have not found solution. I’m not receiving emails or any kind of notifications. I do not think that this is a SPAM issue. It is a real headache. At the moment the only way for me is to use activity RSS feed or simply keep typing git pull :slight_smile:

A colleague of mine found the option: Integrations-> Emails on push. That does it for me.

Good luck