Verification email won't reach my email account

Good night!
I’m trying to activate my gitlab account, but the verification email won’t reach my email account.

Can anyone help?

Gitlab account on On a self-hosted instance?
Have you checked the spam folder?

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No, I’m using the cloud service.
I already checked the spam box and also the mail server to see if it’s not blocking.
But nothing is enough, not even in the inbox, spam and server.
But the login link of the forum arrived normally.

I am experiencing a similar issue.

I encountered it when I suddenly stopped receiving notification emails from GitLab. Inspired by this comment, I decided to remove the email address from my account and to re-add it again.

The verification email doesn’t arrive even after several attempts to resend it.

Just testing this myself and I am, ironically enough, also experiencing this issue on my instance :joy: