New project with remote CI/CD configuration file does not start pipelines

We use a shared CI/CD configuration file and reference it in our repos. For a new repo, when setting the configuration file to something like gitlab-ci/ci-config.yaml@group/ci-project, the pipelines do not get triggered upon commit and cannot be manually started, as the template screen to create the CI/CD configuration is shown.
When attempting to create a new configuration file, the online editor shows a message that this is not possible due to the configuration file being in another repository. So the solution is to remove this configuration, and commit (or create is in the online editor now that the remote file setting is removed) so the first pipeline is triggered, then go back to the original configuration. After the first pipeline has been triggered, everything works normal.
Has someone experienced something similar, is there an easier work-around?
If no other solutions exists, we would file a bug report to fix this.