Do I need to validate user for the self hosted gitlab runner?

I have a self-hosted GitLab runner configured on AWS EC2 instance. I still see the user validation error and the pipelines just won’t run. Do the users need to be validated for the self-hosted runner too? How can I fix this?

Hi, as far as I am aware, you need to disable the shared runners on the project. At this point, you can then use your own personal runners without verification.

Hello iwalker, Thank you for the prompt reply. I have all shared runners disabled on my account but I still see the same issue. Do I need to do anything more after disabling them?

I think after disabling, all you would do is go into the specific project under the runner configuration and make sure your runner is selected to be used. If the verification/validation is still being asked, hopefully one of the @gitlab-team will help as it should just work.

I have done all that and currently, just my private runner is active but yet the issue persists. I am not sure what is going wrong. I hope the @gitlab-team helps me in this regard.