One of my repositories disappeared over night


I hope this is the right category. I read that you should open a forum topic if you encounter issues with GitLab and need help.

My Issue: The past 2 weeks I was developing a card game with vuejs and API (Star Wars data). If you go to the page, the Website calls the swapi API via REST to accumulate data and convert these into card entities. Then you can play against the cpu.
Yesterday I pushed my changes fine. I also setup a GitLab page to let my friends test the site and get feedback. I made my repo public. Today I woke up and I can still see the repository in my dashboard, but the content of the project is missing. Everything seems to have disappeared. I also can’t push to my project anymore as it seems “I’m not allowed”. The GitLab page is still intact. I also can’t access project settings to turn my repo private again…

Did I do something wrong?