Runners for gitlab pages not working for new repositories

For the new repos with simple .html to be published with gitlab pages I was unable to produce a pipeline

I decided to clone an old repo (with a simple html also), and this new cloned repo didn’t make pages,
but “updating” the old (equivalent) repo, works fine.

I navigated settings to search for differences among “equal” repos, finding some, but nothing solved the issue of the new repo.

Hi @ferroao

It’s hard to tell what the issue is without a bit more detail. There are some new settings in Settings → General → Visibility, project features, permissions → Project visibility which are relevant here, especially if your project is private.

Apart from that, it’s hard to tell what the problem might be. What’s in your .gitlab-ci.yml file?

The point here is:

  • Having a public or private (new) repo, pages should be available.
  • the .html and .gitlab-ci.yml are correct and minimal
  • a pipeline should be produced, even with errors.

Even if there is a bad setting in the new repo, it is a default “bad” setting, which gitlab should be interesting in “fixing” to facilitate pages production.

Expected behaviour: Create Your First GitLab Pages Site - YouTube

This is a community forum, where GitLab users help each other. If you’ve found a bug for GitLab to fix, the way to report it to them and get it fixed is to raise an issue or to find a relevant issue and upvote / comment on it, so it filters up through their priority lists.

If you are on a paid tier, you would get a faster response by raising a support ticket.

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Sometimes is good to see if the problem has occurred to others, in the forum.

In fact the issue help text of gitlab recommends:

If you are experiencing an issue when using, your first port of call should 
be the Community Forum. Your issue may have already been reported there by 
another user. Please check: