PageURL seems to be wrong

I’m trying to configure a new GitLab instance. I set external_url in gitlab.rb to (names have been changed to protect the innocent) “my.gitlab.url”.

This seems to work for the majority of things. Clone URLs are being generated correctly and almost everything is working. However, I’m sporadically seeing controls that are using “https://git/relative/url” instead of “https://my.gitlab.url/relative/url”. For example, it I have a CI job number 42, I can navigate to:


The little black terminal-looking box (the html element id is “build-trace”) never populates. This is because it’s trying to load https://git/myorg/myproj/-/jobs/42/trace.json. Note that the host is “git” rather than “my.gitlab.url”. The link for “Show Complete Raw” uses the correct host and therefore I can view the build trace by continually refreshing that, but I’d really like the build trace to work. Is there a setting separate from external_url that I need to set so all the features still pointing to https://git/ will actually work?