Password Recovery

I’m using IE 11.0.9600.17728 browser from Windows 7 PC
I forgot or mistyped my password in the GitLab site when I was looking for an enterprise edition downloadable package. Now, when I request a password reset via the ‘forgot password’ link, I get an e-mail with a ‘Change your password’ link and no detailed instructions.
However, when I click on a link (it opens my default IE browser), I get to the ‘Welcome to GitLab!’ page, but no way to reset the password.
After about 30 min. of pocking around, I copied the link into Chrome browser and got to the correct password reset page.
Is IE supported, at all ?

I think you need to logout in order to reset your password. Thats why link worked in Chrome but not in IE

Thanks Dmitriy,

perhaps you’re right. I just noticed one issue is that when I start a fresh IE instance and login into the GitLab (, none of the top menu bar icons to the right of the Search bar are visible. They are there, and I can see the text pop-ups for “Help”, “Explore”, etc. when I hover over that area with the mouse, but the icon color scheme blends in with the background, so they are all invisible. Similarly for the WiFi looking icon to the right of the User Activity in my Profile page - it’s only visible in FireFox and Chrome, but not in my IE