Poll: Naming the GitLab learning experience platform

Help us name GitLab’s Learning Experience Platform!

GitLab is building a new learning experience platform that our team members, customers, and community will be able to utilize and learn about

  • GitLab
  • DevOps
  • Remote Work

and much more!

We’re reaching out to ask for a bit of help - our team is working on determining the best name for the platform, and we’d love the community input!

Please vote below for your favorite name: :ballot_box_with_check:

Help us name the new GitLab learning platform!
  • GitLab Learning Community
  • GitLab Learning Network
  • GitLab Academy
  • GitLab University

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And, if you have an idea for a name that you don’t see in the list above, feel free to add to this thread with your ideas!


Samantha, Learning and Development Associate at GitLab

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Thanks for your collaboration, all! I’ll take these results back to the Learning and Development team as we continue to iterate on the new learning experience platform.

Git Labs Enhanced Education - GLEE