Project Pages redirect to 404 in my user Pages


I have my user site set up with Hugo and everything is working as expected. However, I was now trying to deploy Pages for a project. .gitlab-ci.yml is set up to publish files from my public folder (because the rest of the repo is private) as seen in the example repository for plain html. URLs that go directly to the index.htm work almost fine [1] (like this one), but if I try to access it using only the directory (without the index.htm, like this) returns a 404 from my personal-Hugo site.

Not sure if the problem is with the project Page setup, or the main/user-site Hugo. How can I get through this?


[1] Also, although I assume the problem is the same, those pages refer to the reveal.js library hosted in the same public directory. Files are accessible just fine directly through the browser, but neither CSS nor js get loaded…

I’ve got the same problem. No .js files loading, nor images. I suppose Gitlab Pages supports only flat public directory - no subdirs.

Even the official page has some problems (although not visible outside console).

And here’s my page.

The common thing is, all the files are in some subdirectory.

Alright, in my case I had not configured webpack path (nuxt.js generated project), so it looked for files at root /, instead of looking in /project-name/ url.