Pull Mirroring ending - value discussion

I was recently noticing that the pull mirroring switched to a paid plan.

I was using this to have people contribute on both GitLab and GitHub and be free to use my GitLab runner with the GitHub project.

Now, partly why I am writing this here is this:

  • Where do you discuss your values for GitLab?
  • There seems to be a spreading systemic entity removing features for those who work for the free web - I would like to talk to that entity, but it seems not interested.

I see technical discussions:

I have not found a value discussion about pull mirroring, yet. This is technical, too - just on another layer.

When I head over to GitLab Values, the first thing that I see is this:

Do you believe that removing this feature will improve collaboration? I could pose this as an open question but I want to raise the issue that it does not:

  • We can not sync projects now that easily!
  • GitLab was a hub before (based on an open git protocol). Now it becomes and Island, cut off from a web of different sources.

Both strong points pointing towards the collaboration not being the priority here.

So my question is:
How does removing this access from normal users further collaboration? Based on which values is this decision taken?

@niccokunzmann Thanks for the post!

Pull Mirroring has always been a paid feature. Members of the GitLab for Open Source Program have access to this and all Ultimate tier features. You can learn more and apply to that program here.

There is ongoing discussion about a proposed feature for keeping forks up to date that you can contribute to here. There was discussion about why pull mirroring won’t be moved to free in a public issue.

-James H, GitLab Product Manager, Verify:Pipeline Execution

Thanks for the link to the issue! I left a comment.

The discussion affirms that it is indeed valuable and making it free in its current implementation conflicts with its huge costs. I commented in the issue to clarify where the costs come from.

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Thanks @niccokunzmann!

-James H, GitLab Product Manager, Verify:Pipeline Execution