Re: Merge requests status does not changed in one of the repositories

**I would like to address one of the issue which we are facing in the gitlab that we have recently upgraded. The issue is that while merging MR to repository, the state of MR is not moved to Merged state ** instead it is going to ALL state

Open 32 Merged 330 Closed 79 All 441

Although, the MR is merged but still showing merged button enabled to me and throwing

pre-receive hook failed. Try again error.

Please note , the branch in which the MR set was protected branch and has default setting as before upgrade and it was working previously.

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  • What version are you on? Are you using self-managed or

    • *GitLab (Hint: /help):*community edition- gitlab-ce=14.8.2-ce.0
    • Runner (Hint: /admin/runners):
  • Add the CI configuration from .gitlab-ci.yml and other configuration if relevant (e.g. docker-compose.yml)

  • What troubleshooting steps have you already taken? Can you link to any docs or other resources so we know where you have been?- if we merged MR locally then push the code it works but that interim solution

Any lead to the solution would be immensely appreciated.