Repo Size 1.2TB After GitLab Deploy

GitLab has recently deployed and I got a really funny error:

The size of this repository (1.2 TB) exceeds the limit of 10 GB by 1.2 TB. You won’t be able to push new code to this project. Please contact your GitLab administrator for more information.

I am sure I am not the only one, so the question is, what do we do now?

Same thing happened to me, but with 230GB instead of 1.2TB.

Same here one repo is 12TB (should 12mb) and another 517Tb (should be 517mb).

Same issue, repo size 10mb is multiplied up to 11TB

Same with me, all my repos are now hundred of Gb or event Tb

Ditto - 15 MB repo is now reported as 10 TB.

Hi !

I have the same problem on a private repo.
The file size is 10.6M but an error message says I have 11TB of data in my repo:

Ditto here; each repo is a different size, but they are all massively inflated in size.

Mine is just 27TB…

There seems to be a common pattern here, multiplying by orders of magnitude.

My repo is 232KB in size, and I got a message with an excess of 230GB. Same thing is happening to everyone else.

After the suggestions above, it does seem like it is a units error. Each of mine seem to be roughly the right number, just the wrong units (e.g. KB become GB). Now, on refresh, it seems to be fixed.

Was having the same issue but it appears to have just been fixed :smiley:

Yeah, same here. Funky bug, this one xD

Looks like it’s fixed (tried 2 of my small repos)

yep. they disabled repo limits for now.

Go upload your hd video :)))))))))))))))

finally a good place to upload my 4K vids! :smiley: :smirk:

Same here :slight_smile:

Yep same here - looks fixed now

Same here, 170TB O.o