Reusing deleted repository name

So, [if] I deleted a repository (project). How long should I wait until I can use the same name on a new project again?

Give it five minutes or so.

There are a couple of different operations that make up the project deletion procedure:

First of all, the project is marked for deletion and will queue this operation to be performed 1 minute later:

At this point, the repository is moved to a different location and the project deleted from the database. Provided no errors occur (you’ll receive a notification if one does), this is when your project name will be freed up to be reused.

It’ll be another 5 minutes before the operation to delete the physical git repository from it’s new location is actually invoked.

If you are running your own GitLab instance, you can subscribe to receive the project_destroy system hook that is fired once the operation completes, to know for sure:

So after ~5-10 minutes on I did not receive a notification and it has been about 15 minutes and the old project name is still unavailable. Is there another place to check for errors? Thanks!

@chrisgo You are probably falling foul of a bug where projects are hanging around in a pending_delete state. Please raise an issue (confidential, if you like) here and ping me (@markglenfletcher) and I should be able to sort it out!