<SOLVED> Unable to receive confirmation email for Gitlab Enterprise Edition signup

<The problem was that relevant email providers were rejecting emails relating to getmonero.org. Solution was to report the issue on IRC chat (⁠monero-dev) to be added by a moderator manually>

Problem to solve:

I’m trying to register for monero-project · GitLab which requires an Enterprise Edition signup.

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  • What are you seeing, and how does that differ from what you expect to see?
    I’m seeing:

"Almost there…
Please check your email to confirm your account
If the email address is incorrect, you can register again with a different email.

No confirmation email received? Check your spam folder or request new confirmation email."

I expect to see:
An email in the submitted email inbox with a confirmation link

Steps to reproduce

Which troubleshooting steps have you already taken? Can you link to any docs or other resources so we know where you have been?

I have asked in Monero Matrix forums and looking links in Gitlab Forums like:




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  • [X ] Self-managed
  • GitLab.com SaaS
  • Self-hosted Runners


I believe the Monero instance at repo.getmonero.org is ‘self-managed’ by the Monero community (not by myself)

Helpful resources

  1. Before opening a new topic, make sure to search for keywords in the forum search
  2. Check the GitLab Runner and GitLab projects for existing issues. If you encounter a bug, please create a bug report issue.
  3. Troubleshooting docs: GitLab Runner, self-managed GitLab instances.

Reviewed, but I am not an ‘experienced administrator’.

How can I receive a confirmation email and register as a user so I can submit a proposal in the repo?

Thanks …