Ubuntu upgrade

My working team hosts the Gitlab Community Edition since 2016 and the version installed by that time uses (AWS Marketplace) image with Ubuntu Trusty (14.04).

Recently, we were automating the update proccess of several tools, including the Gitlab CE with a montly frequency. Checking the packages list from the official repository there is not a 11.11 version to Ubuntu Trusty, what makes me think: should I update the SO to Ubuntu Xenial/Bionic? What would be the (dis)advantage of such update? Or is the release delayed?

Ubuntu 14.04 is very old , it has quite a few known security bugs and is just out of official support from canonical.

I would recommend upgrading to a newer version of ubuntu such as 18.04 which was the last LTS release. It will also have much better cloud integration than 14.04 as a lot has changed since then.

It seems very likely that the image you are using is about to get an update

But its still listed in the Installation Documentation… i was confused as well.
And for the Gitlab-Runner it is marked for removal with Gitlab 12

and what is “better cloud integration” supposed to mean ?

Hi @glaucoleme,

Ubuntu 14.04 reached end of life as of April 2019, meaning it will no longer receive security and maintenance updates.

In response, GitLab stopped building and releasing packages for Ubuntu 14.04 with version 11.10.
Issue: https://gitlab.com/gitlab-org/omnibus-gitlab/issues/4234
Merge Request: https://gitlab.com/gitlab-org/omnibus-gitlab/merge_requests/3192

I recommend either upgrading or migrating to a newer, currently supported OS like Ubuntu 16.04 (or 18.04) to continue receiving GitLab and OS-level updates.

@erSitzt It is currently listed as supported in the install docs, good catch! I completely understand why you’d be confused, and this needs to be updated. I’ve submitted a Merge Request to fix this

All the best,