Unable to change username

So, I have created a gitlab account using my github account. I find that I am unable to change my username. I am getting some error in the form of a red bar on top and my username doesn’t get updated. See attached screenshot.

What’s the error/issue here?

@surio This is because an account on GitLab.com already exists with that username. When you register for an account with SSO using a username that’s taken already, a “1” will be appended to your username.


I wish there was some form of error message rather thana red band!

I am not even sure now if that is me in the first place. Is there a way to contact that user?


Not really, unfortunately. If you’re interested in that namespace, then one option would be for you to attempt to claim it via our dormant username policy which can be initiated by submitting a support ticket.

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Thanks for your help. I have submitted a support ticket according to your suggestion.

I guess we will now wait.

Do you know, what is the turnaround time for this kind of thing?

Sure thing. The turnaround for these types of requests is fairly quick, I’ve already replied to the ticket you submitted. :grinning:

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