Username problem

Hello all, so basically my email history with gitlab shows my username on gitlab was ameeno

although now I log in and see that it is ameeno1

I tried to change it back to ameeno but the system won’t let me saying that ameeno username is already taken or something.

curiously it was my email originally that had this username, and in any case that username is not coming up with any users on gitlab. weird.

as I am a free user I have no access to support from the guys so I am posting here to see if someone can look into it for me.


There are many posts on this forum of which could be found with a quick search related to account issues, we as community members cannot solve your account issue. It requires someone from the Gitlab team to do it. This means opening a ticket relating to account issues. These can be resolved even as a free user, but obviously the priority would be paid customers, so you would need to open the ticket and wait patiently.

Link directly to the option for account issues: Submit a request – GitLab, Inc.