Unable to create new project

Dear users,

Since I’ve upgraded my self hosted gitLab to version 15.1.0 I’m unable to create a new project.

When I try to create a new project I only get a blank page (I expect to see the type of project to create) and if I see the browser’s console log, I can see this error:

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read properties of null (reading ‘addEventListener’)
at Object.bindEvents (legacy_container.vue:279:21)
at Module.MXJS (form_text.js:10:16)
at r (bootstrap:84:22)
at 203 (pages.projects.new.d6165b50.chunk.js:1:3451)
at r (bootstrap:84:22)
at l (bootstrap:45:15)
at Array.a [as push] (bootstrap:32:11)
at pages.projects.new.d6165b50.chunk.js:1:43

Any idea how to solve this?

Thanks for your time and help.

Same bug. As a workaround:

  • Set “Pause on exception” in your browser developer tools
  • Try to create new project, and locate
 t.a = {
            bindEvents: function() {
                const e = o()("#new_project")
                  , t = o()("#project_import_url_user")
                  , r = o()("#project_import_url_password")
                  , n = o()(".js-import-url-error")
                  , a = o()("form.js-project-import")
                  , l = o()(".template-button > input")
                  , f = o()(".change-template")
                  , b = document.querySelector("#project_import_url")

It’s the ‘b’ assignment that fails

  • Set a breakpoint on const e = ... (in formatted code, that’s line 2133 in my browser)
  • At the breakpoint, run
$("<div id='project_import_url'/>").appendTo($(".layout-page"))

to create an element that will make ‘b’ defined, then continue.

I never said it was pretty.

Or you enable the “import project from URL” option (Settings - General - Visibility and access controls - Import sources). Whatever is easier.

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Thanks a lot Simon, you made my day!

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