Unable to purchase CI Minutes

Why can’t I buy more CI minutes for my group?

When my pipeline stop running, Gitlab says no more pipeline minutes. Then, I tried purchasing more CI minutes by selecting the group where I want to apply the CI minutes to.

  • Then I see an error:
    Unknown error occurred, this has been logged in our service; Please open a Support ticket if the problem persists

  • I’m on a free version gitlab hosted account.

  • I’ve contacted gitlab support but haven’t gotten an answer for 4 days

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I’m having this same problem. I can’t run any pipelines, and Gitlab won’t respond to me at all.

@onoffinsure I found a solution!

You have to go to My account -> Account details in the Customer Portal and provide your mailing address. That allowed our purchase to go through.


That is great news, @JosephScript! Thank you for coming back to let us know how to self serve this issue! :blush:

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Thanks for sharing the solution @JosephScript

Gitlab responded and fixed the issue I had. Tho I didn’t have to supply a mailing address.

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