Updating Fork Without Mirroring?

Looking to create a guide for new developers on a project we are hosting on Gitlab. Originally I was able to setup my repository mirroring to keep my fork updated, but it appears the ability to “pull” with repo mirroring has been locked behind Premium now? No one can enable a pull mirror setup for their forked repos.

So this question is two-fold, is there still a way to setup a pull mirroring for the forks without a paid account? If not, how can people keep their forks up to date?

Free accounts only have push mirroring. I don’t believe free ever had pull mirroring.

Maybe was a bug I ran into, I was able to setup pull mirroring on my fork a few months ago and I’ve never paid for my account.

Maybe you had the trial period for premium enabled.

A manual way to document as a workflow for your team is at Refreshing a Fork - #2 by dnsmichi

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I am confused. I was able to activate pull mirroring just now. I have certainly never have paid anything, have had an account for several years. My fork got updated and I was able to make second merge request without hassle.

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