Upgrade - 8.14.10 to 8.16.x


We’re a couple of versions behind now due to holidays etc. Ideally, we would like to on the latest -1 version. Is it possible to upgrade from 8.14.10 to 8.16.x? Without doing 8.15.x then 8.16.x.

I know it is a fairly newbie question so thanks in advance for taking the time to answer it.


Im not sure how this would be done if you installed from source, but I use the omnibus packages and have successfully upgraded from a couple of releases behind.

For the most part upgrading to the latest package is all that is required, but you should check the release notes for each release between what you have and what is current and pay particular attention to the “upgrade barometer” for special steps that may need to be run.

The release notes are published on the blog https://about.gitlab.com/blog/

Thank you.