Upgrade AND Migrade from 7.14.3 to omnibus

Hey All,

I just upgraded a current install of 6.X.X (cant remember the exact version), which was originally installed as version 5.X.X (again, cant remember the exact version) to 7.14.3 using the guide found here: https://github.com/gitlabhq/gitlabhq/blob/master/doc/update/6.x-or-7.x-to-7.14.md#check-the-version-of-usrlocalbingit
Its currently working great! As much as it pains me to think about upgrading any further (as its super fancy now) I’m thinking of taking it all the way to the latest version of 8.

  1. Would this be advised?
  2. Should I transition at this point to the omnibus system or stay on source?
    a. Are these still valid instructions: Migrate 7.6.2 to last omnibus

Any tips would really be appreciated! My original install that I upgraded was in a VM so I have snapshots going back at my different levels of workingness. I’ve already made one for the current state so maybe I’ll try to transition to the omnibus system and see what I get and go from there. I just wondered if there were any suggestions from the community.


Hey there, welcome to the old GitLab installation club :smile:

To answer your questions, yes it is much more pain free to install omnibus and yes, latest 8.3 will ship with many more features (releasing on 22nd). The steps should be still valid except for the last step since satelites are now history :smiley:

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Thanks for the response…it took some doing, but I’m at 8.2 omnibus now and am very happy. I’ll go to 8.3 once its released (either on the 22nd as planned or whenever thereafter).

Nowhere did I find any proof that I could go straight from 7.14 to 8.2, so I upgraded version to version. This felt the safest as lots of stuff had changed. Once I got to 8.2 (remember I was in a VM) I brought up a fresh system and installed the 8.2 omnibus and had that working in seconds and had hoped to do a backup export/import of the 2 systems. Unfortunately I quickly learned that my VM was running MySQL and the omnibus install was running Postgresql. So I had to convert on the VM which was a bit challenging, but I got there. Once it ran Postgresql the export/import worked perfectly and now I am running it on a standalone machine with all of my data I had in the VM.

I couldn’t be happier!! Gitlab’s documentation is outstanding!! They had guides for absolutely everything I needed to do, and when there were errors, as always theres stuff all over the web to help.

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Any pointers where you got stuck would be helpful to add to the docs. I had opened an issue some months ago to remind me to document this process.

As for the 7->8 path, it is advised to update first in 8.0 before you jump in the other versions.

Hi Axil

I have upgraded from 6.9 (source) to 8.5 Omnibus. I got stuck many places. I have briefed my upgrade path in one of the questions in the community. Could you please Review it and let me know your comments.

I want to contribute the issue you have opened, please let me know how can I contribute to the documentation.

Please review this


Thanks @ershad.ahmad! Can you make a comment in the issue with the steps you posted here?