Upgrade from backup 7.7.1


My old server with gitlab 7.7.1 has died.
I have (mysql) database backup.

I have installed an LXC version Community Edition [14.6.7]

Could some one help me restore/migrate my database, and where should I copy my git-satellites repo.

PS, I am pretty weak with postgresql.
PS2 if there is a better method to revive my backup, let me know

Will be almost impossible, mysql to postgresql migration was done somewhere a long time ago Now is only postgresql so you cannot restore mysql to it. You would have to restore Gitlab 7.7.1 from your backup, and then attempt to upgrade it until the latest. But even the Gitlab docs don’t go back that far, so in reality you will be starting from zero. If you have your repositories cloned somewhere, then you can push them to your new install.

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I agree with @iwalker : It will be almost impossible.

To prevent form getting into a similar situation again, you should upgrade the new server periodically, I (and I think @iwalker has said that he does something similar) upgrade pretty much every time a new version is released. But that leads to a question: Why have you installed a version (14.6.7) that is already old? The 14.6 series was started in December 2021, and security support stopped in March 2022. The newest version is 15.2.1, and the only versions that get security updates are 15.0, 15.1 and 15.2.


Not impossible actually if all data exist, like I have done a lot. @doekia So don’t you have Git data as backup but you have only database backup? If you have only database backup and no backup from Git, unfortunately you cannot restore data.

You should have made backups of both database and Git data (and some configuration etc.).

I hope you can recover all data from the storage in your old server!

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Thank you all for your responses.

I managed to do hit with a great dose of coffee, hair pulling, many error 500 and a collection of SQL of various complexity.
A real pain but it worth it.

My repository where of course present and backed-up.

It took me a complete rebuild of namespaces, projects, users, routes, project_authorizations, project_features, project_repositories, snippests

AS part of my rebuild I have to resync sequence and it lt leads me to discover that a couple of native sequence where surprisingly out of sync.


Thank you. I learned today that backup is so important for everybody!