Upgrade Gitlab in Docker installation

I have Gitlab 14.3.2-ee in docker container. It was installed from official image (Docker Hub).

Current version is 14.3.2-ee.
I want to upgrade my instance to 15.5.1-ee (last version on docker hub)

In documentation(GitLab Docker images | GitLab) i’ve readed:
“In most cases, upgrading GitLab is as easy as downloading the newest Docker image tag”
I really need just upgrade image ?

Also i need migrate to Community Edition Docker image.
How i can do it ?

Hi @mrbes

You can downgrade from EE to CE, but you need to make sure you are not using any EE specific features.

As for upgrading, you need to follow the official upgrade paths and version-specific notes.

Hi @balonik
Thanks for you answer!
I dont use EE features - i can just change my image from 14.3.2-ee. to 14.3.2-cc ?
Also, for upgrading - i need upgrade images step-by step
14.3.2 → 14.3.6 (docker pull gitlab/gitlab-ce:14.3.6-ce.0)
14.3.6 → 14.9.5 (docker pull gitlab/gitlab-ce:14.9.5-ce.0)
14.9.5 → 14.10.0 (docker pull gitlab/gitlab-ce:14.10.0-ce.0)
14.10.0 → 15.0.0 (docker pull gitlab/gitlab-ce:15.0.0-ce.0)
15.0.0 → 15.4.0 (docker pull gitlab/gitlab-ce:15.4.0-ce.0)
15.4.0 → 15.5.1 (docker pull gitlab/gitlab-ce:15.5.1-ce.0)

its right way?

Just switching the image should work fine.

From 14.3.2 to latest it should be:
14.3.2 → 14.3.6 → 14.6.2 → 14.9.5 → 14.10.5 → 15.0.2 → 15.1.0 → 15.4.0 → latest