Upgrade/Migrate path from 12.9.1?

I have a current installation with version 12.9.1 (CE) running from Docker. I would like to sync up with the latest and started to do some digging. I found that the upgrade might take many steps. The web page Upgrading GitLab | GitLab suggests that there are several known upgrade paths. I unfortunately do not see one listed to go from 12.9.1 to the current docker image. I am a bit confused about the exact path I should be taking to get this upgrade done.


  • 1: What are the different intermediate versions of Gitlab that I need to install (docker images) in order to get to the current version when starting from 12.9.1?
  • 2: The upgrade paths page shows that there are specific progressions, but then state that there are some intermediate versions that must be installed. Why are these separated out and not just part of the migration list for that migration path?