Upgrading from 15.11.13 to 16.1.6

Hello I am currently trying to upgrade my Gitlab Linux packages (Ommnibus) server from version 15.11.13 to version 16.1.6. I used the tool given by GitLab to determine my upgrade path so I know for sure this is a required upgrade stop. I have looked at the GitLab 16 changes to ensure I have the correct components upgraded before upgrading to 16.1.6 but there seems to be one component I am struggling to change the configuration structure being Gitaly.

GitLab 16 changes | GitLab (at issues to be aware of when upgrading from 15.11)

I have tried my best follow the documentation for how to do it but when I verify on the URL page the “Projects” section is not working (meaning there has to be a issue with the Gitaly configuration). I was able to do upgrade postgreSQL to the correct version so that is at least setup correctly. I upgraded directly to version 16.1.6 just to see what would happen if I did not configure Gitaly to its new structure and I am able to access “Projects”. I was wondering if there would be any major negative effects if I skipped Gitaly completely as I cannot tell for sure if it would.